Unkept Promises

After stating that this would be the first blog I would be totally committed to, I haven’t touched it for over a month…after just the second post.

I have been considering a lot of topics to write about.  I never seem to have a 360 degree view of things here, though, and that makes reasoned writing difficult.  I never wanted there to be an air of blind fumbling to the blog – so I just wrote nothing, a sure way to get round the problem.

I’m also working on an hour-long  downloadable podcast for the blog.  The direction I’m taking with it is music interspersed with samples of documentaries, TV shows, the audio from YouTube videos, on given topics.  The first one is almost complete and will be up here soon.  It’s about Iraq, the war, and what it’s done to the people and the country on both sides.  I just heard today that $8.7 billion of the $9 billion that was spent on ‘reconstruction’ in Iraq is not properly accounted for.  That’s a big hole in the balance sheet.

I’ve got ideas for future topics, but if anyone has any bright ones, please email me.

In the meantime, I’ve been commenting on Ali Shah’s blog Real Talk quite a lot.  I like a lot of the topics he discusses, although I don’t always agree with him.  Also of interest is thegulfblog.com; Saudiwoman is always good; Saudi Jeans is good for interesting titbits; and BlueAbaya is great at detail on the way minds work here.  Any other interesting suggestions gratefully received.

It’s time to go and think of some other stuff not to write about now.

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2 Responses to Unkept Promises

  1. ali says:

    Great to see your post .. will subscribe now. Thank you for your comments about my blog..We agree to disagree on a few points.. that is fine.. at least we are two very honest men living in riyadh and THINKING:D.. would love to meet up for a coffee , a smoke and talk about KSA Shwaya bus…

  2. Would you allow a re-posting of your articles on RELATIVITY?

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