Shoo shway bass?

Shway bass is an Arabic expression meaning “just a little…”  That’s bass as in the fish (rhymes with gas), not the low-frequency rumble (rhymes with face).

The exclamation Shway! can also mean “Wait!” – something you might like to keep in mind if you’re thinking about coming to Saudi Arabia – it is something you will hear and do a lot.

While this is not the first blog account I’ve ever created, it is the first one I’m committing to developing.  I chose the title because that’s what I hope it’ll be: a little of this, a little of that, and whatever else catches my eye or gets the cogs of my mind grinding.

For starters, let’s say you can expect some stories and opinion on Saudi Arabia, where I live and work.  I’m certainly no expert on this country but I have lived in the Arabian Gulf for more than half my life, growing up and working here.  It’s not meant to be a place for whines and gripes.  There are more than enough blogs whose writers sound like they are howling at the moon already.  

My approach is best summed up by quoting a friend who has spent roughly the same amount of time around these people as I have:  

“You know, I like the Arabs.  I can’t say I understand them, but I like them.”

In addition there’s going to be talk about music, and in the future, regular podcasts because let’s face it, listening to music is far more fun than reading about it; and I hope, clear, reasoned writing – no LOLs, no smileys, no crazy exclamation marks, neither shouting nor screaming.

In time Shway bass could turn out to be a whole lot more than just that.  Perhaps you’ll stick around long enough to find out.

1 Response to Shoo shway bass?

  1. ali says:

    Looking forward to it!

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